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Day Six

We ended up making a ‘slight’ change to the itinerary today.  We had originally planned to run with the group traveling on US 50, but Don was quite concerned about pulling his trailer and car over Monarch Pass (over 11,000 feet).  Jesse has been having some issues with his brake rotors and since they are an after market item – we have not been able to replace them — so he also preferred to take the northern route.

So today after we the awards, we headed up I-25 to Fort Collins and took US 287 to Laramie Wyoming where we are staying the night.


We started Sat. waiting in line for the gates to open at 7:00 A.M.


You can see how long the line was behind us, it went to end of the wall turned around the corner, down that wall and turned right into a neighborhood.

On Sat. we managed to get a pretty good spot.Seeing Double

I thought you guys might appreciate the ‘water jets’ where the kids can play (I think was around 98 degrees).Water sprays

Now with all the fires, (I think there were/are at least 12 ) the wind was carrying ash and dropping it on the cars.  If you look closely you can see it on the fender.Ash on Fender

This morning (Sunday) this gentleman parked his 1913 Model T on the street in front of us.   It was really neat, and to think it is 100 years old.Gentlemen's Vehicle

After the show we headed towards DenverOff to Denver